Jeff Wright

Chief Sales Officer
Midwest Communications

Jeff Wright

Jeff Wright is the Chief Sales Officer for Duke Wright's Midwest Communications. He has had the rare pleasure of spending his entire 27 year radio career with the same company. Jeff started his radio career as the weekend board op in Green Bay, WI. He also spent his time working in the news room and production room before given the opportunity to do overnights on WIXX. He was horrible at it and was quickly moved to the sales office where he was named sales assistant. This is where he found his niche and his love for sales.

His first sales position was at WRIG-AM in Wausau, WI before moving to Midwest's Kalamazoo, MI market and finally back to Green Bay, WI where he got his first opportunity to manage a rhythmic CHR station. Like many, Jeff learned quickly how little he actually knew about managing people. Luckily, Midwest Communications has a high emphasis on training at every level within the company. Jeff took this opportunity to learn from Duke, or as we call it at Midwest…The Real Duke University! Naturally, things got better and Jeff found success at managing his station before becoming the V.P. of Training for the company. Now, as Chief Sales Officer, Jeff has the responsibility of not only top line revenue but to echo Duke's philosophy throughout the company.

Jeff's knowledge of radio comes from a life of learning with Duke Wright. He tries to mirror Duke's philosophy and vision for our industry. We believe that radio is in a wonderful position with our digital and our on air presence to bring our audience and our advertisers together. Although there are new challenges that we face every year, radio is always ready to adapt to turn those into opportunities. It is our challenge to care for our local markets. It is up to us to keep our audience informed and entertained and to rely on us in times of need. But it is also up to us to help our local businesses thrive and to bolster our local economy so we can live in a strong and healthy environment. Radio is as strong now as it ever was and we a proud to work in such a wonderful industry.


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