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Radio Show Podcast

NAB and RAB bring you an exclusive, limited-run podcast featuring the 2017 Radio Show's biggest names and newest ideas. The Radio Show Podcast introduces you to some of our top speakers in advance of the conference. Delve into the topics most relevant to you as we interview the thought leaders scheduled to appear at the Radio Show.

You'll hear the latest on digital advertising growth trends, discover how to up your game when delivering presentations, uncover the secrets to building a marketable online persona and learn about the cutting-edge marketing tactics that fuel success at radio stations and syndicated radio shows across America.

Connect, learn and grow in a whole new way as we countdown to Austin.

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Mike McVay

Episode 9: Excitement in Austin! The Radio Show On-Site Preview

All roads lead to Austin and the destination is in sight! Radio Show Steering Committee Chairman Mike McVay, executive vice president of Content and Programming, returns to detail all the big names, can't miss events, networking and education planned for next weeks' Radio Show.

Georgia Beasley

Episode 8: A Deep Dive into Digital Sales

Georgia Beasley, Futuri Media’s new director of TopicPulse Strategic Initiatives joins the Radio Show Podcast and details digital sales solutions, growth opportunities and overall best practices for radio’s digital sellers.

J. Davis Hebert

Episode 7: Financial Insights and Predictions for Radio

Scott Flick, partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP interviews J. Davis Hebert, CFA, director, High Yield Media Cable & Telecom Research, Wells Fargo Securities. Hear insights on the overall financial market, thoughts on how investors view the most recent developments in radio and a preview of the Pillsbury Broadcast Finance breakfast session coming up in Austin.

Christine Travaglini

Episode 6: What Agencies and Advertisers Really Want from Radio

Christine Travaglini, president, Christal Radio and KRG Partnerships sits down with the RAB's senior vice president of business development, Tammy Greenberg to examine what advertisers and agencies expect out of radio campaigns, what specific advantages radio has in local markets and a whole lot more.

Joey Tack0

Episode 5: Why a Millennial Excelling in Radio Believes in Radio

Chris Protzman, Radio Show steering committee member and vice president and general manager of E.W. Scripps Knoxville cluster, chats with millennial program director and Radio Show speaker Joey Tack. Hear Joey’s thoughts on programming theory, social media, radio strengths and the future of the medium.

Terra L. Fletcher

Episode 4: Keys to Effective Workplace Communication

Fletcher Consulting’s Terra L. Fletcher joins the Radio Show Podcast in advance of her appearance in Austin to discuss workplace diversity, common generational misconceptions employers have and secrets to successfully communicating across generation and culture.

Andrew Curran

Episode 3: Deciphering Modern Media Consumption

Radio show steering committee member and Emmis Communications VP of Programming and Operations Chase Rupe talks media consumption misconceptions, habits and emerging trends with the president and COO of DMR/Interactive, Andrew Curran (right).

Tony Alessandra

Episode 2: The Psyche of Successful Sellers

RAB's Jeff Schmidt returns to the Radio Show Podcast to interview author, sales consultant and Radio Show speaker Dr. Tony Alessandra (right). Discover the main attributes and personality traits that make up a stellar seller.

Mike McVay

Episode 1: Radio's Ultimate Destination

The countdown to the 2017 Radio Show in Austin is on! Radio Show Steering Committee Chairman Mike McVay, executive vice president of Content and Programming, Cumulus Media, sets the scene for this year's post-Labor Day event and details why the Radio Show is the preeminent conference for every radio professional.


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