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The Radio Show Podcast

Radio Show Podcast

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NAB and RAB bring you an exclusive, limited-run podcast featuring the 2016 Radio Show’s biggest names and newest ideas. The Radio Show Podcast introduces you to some of our top speakers in advance of the conference. Delve into the topics most relevant to you as we interview the thought leaders scheduled to appear at the Radio Show.

You’ll hear the latest on digital advertising growth trends, discover how to up your game when delivering presentations, uncover the secrets to building a marketable online persona and learn about the cutting-edge marketing tactics that fuel success at radio stations and syndicated radio shows across America.

Connect, learn and grow in a whole new way as we countdown to Nashville.

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Episode 7: Radio Show Pre-Show Planner

Get ready for everything that’s coming your way in Nashville as the Radio Show staff details the events, education and entertainment on-tap in Nashville. Our agenda is bursting at the seams!

Chris Hogan

Jeff Schmidt
Leadership and Communication Strategy with Chris Hogan

RAB Senior Vice President of Professional Development Jeff Schmidt connects with Chris Hogan, 2016 Radio Show speaker and Ramsey Solutions personality. Hogan shares his expertise on leadership, communication styles, building working relationships that prepare everyone for success and his upcoming Radio Show appearance.

Michael Brandvold

Mike McVay
Building an Effective Digital Brand

Prominent music industry marketer Michael Brandvold joins 2016 Radio Show Steering Committee member Mike McVay of Cumulus Media to discuss the best ways to build a digital brand and craft messages that will resonate with your audience.

Erica Farber

Dave Ramsey
Successful Business Practices with Dave Ramsey

RAB President and CEO Erica Farber talks with Dave Ramsey, 2016 Radio Show keynote speaker and host of “The Dave Ramsey Show.” Ramsey shares his insights on platform diversification, attracting millennial employees, progressive business practices and his Radio Show appearance.

Keith Lawless

Daniel Anstandig
How Digital has Changed Radio

Futuri Media CEO and Co-founder Daniel Anstandig joins 2016 Radio Show Steering Committee member Keith Lawless, Cox Media Group’s Tampa market manager, to talk about digital’s profound effect on radio and why it’s beneficial to the business.

Mike Hulvey

John Bates
Delivering a Powerful Message Every Time You Present

Leadership communication expert John Bates visits with 2016 Radio Show Steering Committee Chairman Mike Hulvey, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Neuhoff Communications to delve into the secrets and science behind delivering powerful presentations.

Nicky Sparrow

Gordon Borrell
Digital Opportunities for Radio

Borrell Associates President and CEO Gordon Borrell meets with Radio Show Steering Committee member Nicky Sparrow, market president, Jacksonville/Brunswick, iHeartMedia, to discuss radio’s place in the modern digital media landscape and his upcoming appearance at the 2016 Radio Show.