Content Sessions

Punch Drunk on Data? Sober Up!

There’s so much data available, sometimes it’s hard to make sense of it all. Hear from a few industry experts whose job is simple: making sense of it all. What data is available for free? What have we learned in PPM markets that is invaluable in diary markets? How do you balance the art and the science? Your gut and the numbers? The answers are here.

Modern Strategies for Discovering New Talent

Explore new avenues for on-air and programming talent discovery. Hear some of the best new places to mine for talent, what to look for and how to communicate job functions and expectations in a way that benefit all involved.

The Process of Content Creation that Builds Future Generations of Radio Listeners

Creating compelling content is the bedrock of successful brands, but how exactly is it done? In this session, you’ll learn how to structure a successful stand-alone podcast, create social content that engages audiences, physically repurpose content effectively and generate viral video content.

Programming Through Disasters

Learn strategies to program through and after disaster strikes from programmers who have been there. What did they know? What didn’t they know? What did they do well? What did they learn? How did they engage with community leaders during and after the emergency?

Coaching and Communicating with Air Talent and Content Creators

A little communication can go a long way towards mutual success, but everyone is different. Hear some solid strategies for effectively coaching your talent, managing expectations, building growth opportunities and communicating when opinions differ.

Cabana Chats

Hear some of the most respected air talents from around the country discuss their careers, their craft and the most exciting moments from a life in radio.

Whether your focus is on driving revenue or capturing more ears, sellers and programmers agree on one thing – working together leads to greater success. Join us for two brainstorming sessions that will leave you inspired and ready to create strategies that work for both sides of the house!

Creative Problem Solving

Develop a repeatable process to generate marketing ideas with the Creative Resources Process. In this session, you will learn step-by-step how to generate and develop cool, custom and effective marketing ideas. Strategy drives tactics. You’ll walk away with a custom idea for that client you’ve had trouble with.

Better Brainstorming and Ideas to Increase Cume, TSL and Revenue

Learn brainstorming methods so you can create the ideas you’re always asked for faster. Next, hear 30 on-air, digital and marketing ideas that each increase two of the following: cumulative audience, time spent listening and revenue.