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Management Sessions


Ca$hing in on Culture

What do representatives from best practice companies do as "keepers of the culture" and how can you modernize your office philosophies to break the mold of the traditional 9-to-5? Learn how to make your office culture authentic and tangible. How does the culture of your office help the bottom line and what is the cost of employee turnover? Learn how to get your employees excited about waking up and getting to work.

The Fresh New Voices of Broadcasting

A firsthand discussion with young professionals on how the use of technology changes the workforce. These fresh new voices will answer questions like what attracted them to radio? How can experienced radio professionals help grow your career? How can stations attract and retain likeminded professional industry leaders? What do they like/love about radio?

Compensation: What's in Your Pocket?

Outside compensation experts discuss new innovative ways to energize today's sales force. Learn to design a compensation plan to recruit and retain qualified professionals. Find ways to be competitive in the sales industry. Plus, hear from a variety of stations with different sales force payment structures.

Radio and Voice-Control, Living Together

Amazon Echo, Google Home, Microsoft Cortana, Apple HomePod – how do broadcasters leverage these platforms and ensure predominant placement there? Hear some answers from experts in this quickly emerging field.

Pillsbury’s Broadcast Finance 2017: Is Radio Ready for a New Deal?

Broadcasters are experiencing regulatory whiplash as they suddenly shift from radio being regulated like it’s 1970 to a Federal Communications Commission preparing radio to compete in the 2020s. With changes coming fast and furious, the opportunity to modernize radio's business model has never been greater. Join us as Pillsbury and our panel of radio executives and financial experts discuss what these changes mean for small, medium and large group broadcasters now and in the coming years.


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