While his mother wanted him to become a preacher or a lawyer, Jeff Schmidt became an accidental salesperson. Jeff has navigated the complexities of working for small independently owned companies, survived the tumultuous occasions of ownership changes, and excelled in the corporate arena. He rose through the ranks as sales manager, market manager, and regional vice president and has served in various sales roles and organizations in his 30+ years in radio, impacting the lives of sellers in the United States, Canada, Africa, Bulgaria, and Australia. Jeff’s inspirational presence on social media has made him an industry thought leader. His articles are tweeted and re-tweeted by station managers and sellers across the country.

As Senior Vice President of Professional Development, Jeff Schmidt oversees the professional development group across all of RAB’s training services and works with the industry’s leadership to continue to provide a professional development practice positioned to serve an evolving industry sales force focused on digital, solution based marketing and sales efforts. Additionally, Schmidt will lead the RAB’s efforts on training the next generation of radio sales professionals with a focus on recruiting millennials into radio.

Jeff’s passion is to help you get better. His lives his personal mission statement: Think BIG and make BIG things happen.

Jeff and his wife Carolyn have 6 kids ranging from ages 16 to 26 and 2 dogs, including a 195-pound Saint Bernard and a beagle. Life is an adventure and when they need to escape, they explore the open roads on their Harley Davidson.