Jana Hampton began her radio career in sales 18 years ago. Very quickly, she started training and mentoring other sellers & moved to management officially in 2008. From sales management to station management and now the Market Manager of Cromwell Radio in Nashville, Jana enjoys all aspects of the business and has always been intrigued with how others ‘do their job’. Watching and learning from others in all departments along the way, she knows ‘enough to be dangerous’ in all departments.

“My goal is to be able to understand each person’s role well enough to figure out how we can help boost productivity flow & have strong working relationships from one department to the next. I’ve been fortunate to have worked at Cromwell Radio for my entire radio career. The RAB, TAB and MIW have allowed me to meet so many people that I feel I have a long list of industry friends I can call to enlist outside perspective & I regularly do! I also engage two leadership coaches, one that is radio specific & one that is leadership based. I try not to miss church on Sundays either. I feel that’s a great way to stay centered & my week is always better when it starts on Sunday, instead of Monday.”