Of course, I didnt always know everything I know about radio. I just knew I loved it. And when I got my first job at a radio station a three-month internship that lasted 18 months I knew I had found my people.

Yes, I went on to become an award-winning programmer for the iconic KIOI/San Francisco and then the groundbreaking KYSR (Star 98.7)/Los Angeles. And as Program Director of Star 98.7, I managed some of the biggest personalities in the country Jamie White & Danny Bonaduce; Ryan Seacrest & Lisa Foxx; Frosty, Heidi & Frank as well as VH-1s Dr. Jenn Berman, MTVs Mark Goodman and Richard Blade.

All very heady stuff. But what mattered most was that we were connecting with people.

After a few more ladder-climbing years, I changed course to get back to the things I love most about this business.

Seven years as VP/Talent Development at the Randy Lane Company laid the groundwork for my launch of Angela Perelli Coaching in 2014. Now I work with shows across the US and Canada, from market #2 to market #240, in all types of formats.

And the best part is that I get to focus on the things I find most rewarding teaching, developing, collaborating and creating. And since I added a life coaching component to the mix, things have really taken off. Its always a thrill to see a radio personality find their voice, hone their story, and become so much better than before. And so satisfying to see a team flourish and hit new heights after weve worked together.