Mojo was born and raised in Chicago and cut his teeth at the legendary B96. He then built a #1 morning show at KKRQ in Tucson before taking the leap to Detroit. He has been hung up on by Justin Bieber and Eminem but also founded two charities so he canít be a total asshole. Mojo is married with three sons and sometimes coaches their baseball games but spends most of his time binge-watching the Handmaidís Tale.

"Mojo In The Morning" took to the airwaves on February 2000. In the first week, WKQIís GM scolded Mojo & Spike for referring to womenís breasts on the air. In the second week, the Detroit newspaper predicted it would be an uphill battle for this team against the heritage powerhouse CHR competition. Today, the GM and the heritage competition are gone and Mojo In The Morning is the longest running morning show on the same radio station in the history of Detroit FM radio dial. And Mojo is still talking about boobs. How far we have come!