Halley Phillips knows radio & music. It’s in her blood. From the time she was born in Memphis, she often visited stations owned by her grandfather, Sam Phillips. 
Sam is best known as ‘The Father of Rock ‘n Roll’ for discovering Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee and others, along with his great passion for radio. His legacy was her inspiration. Fifteen years ago, her father Jerry and uncle Knox gave her the opportunity to work at the family-owned stations in Florence, Alabama. While her career began as the receptionist at Big River Broadcasting, she soon advanced to sales assistant, account executive, production assistant, and event coordinator. Today, Halley is the Director of Digital Marketing where she supervises website and mobile website marketing and promotions for three radio stations. Additionally, she co-produces the monthly Muscle Shoals to Music Row ‘live’ show stream as well as weekly artist interviews for the stations online video blog. She is also a staff producer and partner at Sam Phillips Recording Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, Vice President of the Board of the Memphis Chapter of the Recording Academy, & serves on the board of The Muscle Shoals Music Association. Somewhere along the way or perhaps within her DNA, she caught her grandfather’s passion and vision that is pushing her on to the industry’s new frontier.