Brandeis started in Radio in 1986 when a station manager heard her voice and asked her to host the morning show on a college radio station. She told him she had to finish high school first, but joined the station the following August. Within three years, she was the station’s was the Development Director. WBAP in Dallas/Ft. Worth recruited Brandeis for their Promotions Department. Free concert tickets, mugs and t-shirts, cool remotes; how could anyone say no?

In the 90s, France’s bi-lingual Radio 74 asked Brandeis to cross The Pond and direct their English-language programming. Eventually, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation lured her over the border into Geneva to help them create and launch Switzerland’s first English-language FM Radio station. Despite living adjacent to the Alps for 7 years, she remains an appalling skier, but can identify an impressive range of Western European cheeses.

Ultimately, her path brought her back to the Dallas/Fort Worth market, where she worked for two Dallas stations in sales, production, and management before joining the hardworking team at the Radio Advertising Bureau.

In her current position as Vice President of Professional Development, Brandeis offers Radio stations vibrantly creative solutions for their clients, specializing in helping them find and maximize revenue sources outside of traditional advertising budgets.