Paul Jacobs is a leading radio consultant, specializing in digital and mobile, sales development, and research. He is the Vice President/General Manager of Jacobs Media, which for over thirty years has provided programming, digital, and social media consulting to radio stations. The company is credited with the creation of the Classic Rock radio format, and most recently, its innovative technology tracking surveys – the Techsurvey for commercial radio, Public Radio, and Christian Broadcasters. The studies provide invaluable information to broadcasters about the digital, social, and mobile trends they need to address, including pushing the industry to respond to challenges in the “connected car.”

Jacobs has become a leading spokesperson for the radio industry regarding the changing in-car audio experience. He works with the auto companies and suppliers, and understands the implications for the radio industry. Along with presentations for broadcasters on this important trend, Jacobs also hosts the DASH Conference – a gathering of broadcasters and leaders from the automotive industry designed to foster understanding and cooperation.

In a career in broadcasting and consulting that spans forty years, Jacobs began his career on the sales side of the business, working at and running radio stations in Dallas and Detroit. In 1991, Jacobs joined his brothers Fred and Bill at Jacobs Media. The company provides consulting to many of the leading broadcasting companies across America and Canada, and various public radio stations, NPR and PRI.

In 2008, Jacobs also became the President of a new mobile application development company – jacapps. The company was formed in order to create apps for radio stations, and has since broadened out into multiple categories, including health care, real estate, and others. It is one of the largest mobile application developers, with over 1,000 apps developed worldwide for major broadcasters including Entercom, Beasley, Hubbard Radio, and many others.

Paul is a frequent speaker at various conventions around the world, including the NAB/RAB Radio Show, numerous State Broadcaster Conventions, Convergence, RAIN, Country Radio Seminar, and at public radio conferences including PRPD and PMDMC. In addition to his work with Jacobs Media and jacapps, Paul is the Chairman of the Board of Greater Public, a service organization dedicated to growing revenue for public radio and television stations across the United States via underwriting, development, and other fundraising endeavors and on the Board of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Foundation.

Paul was a 2016 inductee into the Michigan Broadcasting Hall of Fame, and is a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Advertising.