Jeff Wright brings 20 years of radio experience with Midwest Communications Inc. and a lifetime of experiences being a part of a radio family.

Growing up in the family business of Midwest Communications Inc. Jeff Wright lived radio his entire life. From spending weekend summer days playing at the transmitter site as his Dad worked with the engineer to get the station sounding just right, to learning how the automation worked to get everything on the air. As he grew he thought “radio people” were the normal ones and everybody else lacked a true outgoing personality.

Jeff started his career in radio as a board op at sixteen years old. He had the cherished Saturday and Sunday night shifts and eventually was given the opportunity to have an actual overnight live shift. After a number of air checks, he got some valued advice that would change his life…”maybe you would be better in sales.” He got his big break as a sales assistant and realized this was the life he wanted.

His first Sales position was at one of the company’s smallest radio stations in Wausau, WI at age 19. After a year and a half on the streets Jeff learned how difficult this career could be to a young and green sales rep. Although he had his share of success stories, Jeff decided to go to college.

From there, he got back into radio sales, then sales management, director of training and finally V.P. of Sales. Jeff’s main duties included travelling to all markets to help increase revenues for all 48 radio stations. He believes in a “hands on” approach when needed and is often in the car with the reps training on the street. Spending his entire life in one company, under one owner his philosophies have been shaped by his father Duke Wright. He uses those lessons learned to help shape the company into a true family run business. At Midwest Communications you are family…you don’t have to be crazy to join, but you must be willing to be trained.