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Scott Borchetta

Founder, Big Machine Label Group
Nashville, TN

Scott Borchetta is the Founder, President and CEO of Big Machine Label Group, the #1 independent record label in the world home to superstars such as Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw and Steven Tyler.

For the past two years Borchetta guided contestants on FOX’s American Idol throughout the competition and signed winners Nick Fradiani and Trent Harmon along with Season 15 runner-up LaPorsha Renae to record deals.

With Borchetta at the helm, Big Machine Label Group has celebrated monumental success since the company’s inception 11 years ago. With the message “ usic Has Value" embroidered on the sleeve of his suit jacket, Scott has led the charge on more than 40 million albums sold by Big Machine artists under his watch – including 165 No. 1 country and pop singles.

Borchetta has been honored for his groundbreaking business savvy with inclusion on Billboard’s Power 100 list and Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business in addition to being honored in Nashville at the Music Biz 2015 luncheon where he was awarded the Presidential Award for Outstanding Executive Achievement. Borchetta joined the ranks of past honorees who have been recognized for their outstanding vision, leadership, and commitment, including Dick Clark and Clive Davis.

In 2012, in an unprecedented deal, Borchetta made history by working with Clear Channel, the largest owner of U.S. radio stations, to secure sound-recording performance royalties to Big Machine Label Group and its artists. This became the first time in history that artists would get paid of their recordings on terrestrial radio stations. Using a combination of promotional savvy and an unusual willingness to interact with fans in person and through social media, Borchetta has helped a diverse group of artists achieve important moments in their careers. Under Borchetta’s leadership, BMLG artists have won Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, Country Music Association Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards and more. Borchetta now freely crosses boundaries record labels used to consider inviolate. In fact, don’t think of Big Machine as a “record label.” Borchetta prefers “entertainment and content company,” and has pushed the label group beyond music toward complete cultural saturation.

Borchetta served as Executive Producer on the critically acclaimed documentary GLEN CAMPBELL…I’LL BE ME which earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song. Additionally, the soundtrack for the documentary won four GRAMMY Awards including Best Soundtrack.

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