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Lina Calia

VP, Paid Media, Lifelock
San Francisco, CA

Lina is a seasoned marketing executive with nearly 30 years of leadership experience on the client, agency and consultant sides of the business. Lina approaches all aspects of marketing with a performance based filter and an in depth understanding of the target consumer and the world they live in. Harnessing the power of data to determine marketing and media direction is what makes Lina tick and what has driven her success throughout her career.

Whether it be her work in Consumer Packaged Goods, Travel, Technology, several start-up businesses and now LifeLock, what Lina enjoys most is putting the crazy jigsaw puzzle together that is media planning in this sophisticated and data rich age.

Lina’s career started in New York at SSC&B/Lintas/Campbell Ewald and Jordan, McGrath, Case & Taylor. She then moved West to Los Angeles to join Lord Dentsu & Partners which was acquired by Wunderman. Upon leaving Dentsu, Lina took her first leap into entrepreneurship founding Calia Media Services until moving to San Francisco where she returned to Wunderman/Y&R to run Strategic Communications Planning, Database and Media. Lina then directed the media for Go.com, founded Accountable Media and is currently VP Paid Media for LifeLock.

Thursday, September 22