A proactive and forward thinking broadcast media tradesman with over fourteen years of experience, Josh Miely possesses the rare combination of meticulous organizational skills and vibrant creative energies.

As Director of Radio Operations for the National Association of Broadcasters Josh serves as the host and producer of The NAB Podcast and The Radio Show Podcast.

Josh also produces educational and marketing content for various NAB conferences and trade shows including: NAB Show, The Radio Show and The Fly-In for Radio Group Executives. Additionally, he has written, produced and co-directed various supplemental video projects for various other NAB conferences including the NAB State Leadership Conference and NAB Futures. He is also part of the production team for the NABEFís Service to America Gala, has produced and hosted over 30 webcasts and starred in a web series touting the availability of HD multi-channels via broadcast television.

Prior to his work at NAB, Josh managed sales, promotions and production departments for commercial radio stations, wrote commercial copy for hundreds of clients (including a spot voiced by Howard Stern), executed a plethora of successful promotions, produced multiple video projects and authored two full-length plays.

In his spare time, Josh currently manages the NABís Congressional League softball team and hosts the preeminent 80ís movie podcast, Chips Dips and Dorks. In July of 2016 Josh had an inbox entry published in Sports Illustrated. He is also a Green Bay Packers shareholder and a proud son of the Youngstown suburb, Struthers, Ohio.