Hi, Iím Bill Tatar. Web and Social Manager at Cox Radio Houston.

Iíve been with Cox Radio now for 15 years, the last 6 years over our web and social efforts. Before that I was the Marketing Manager for our classic rock station KGLK.

In this "new role" I literally opened all of our local Facebook pages and set our goals and objectives for our talent on our and their social brand pages.

In this wild, wild west of social, we have made tons of mistakes, missteps and followed the wrong horse (remember Mobli, Foursquare, Ello...) but we also managed to find time for the 500lb Gorilla called Facebook, and now Instagram and Snapchat.

Part of my job is to keep a watch out for the next social platform, keep our mobile websites and apps up to date and try to leave the office before my boss knows Iím gone.