Suzanne Montoya is the General Sales Manager of Connoisseur Media’s Heritage CHR station, WPST-FM in NJ & Philadelphia.

After personally generating $22,000,000 as the top biller for PST-FM, Suzanne is a “coach” and a true leader. She is renowned for devising successful marketing concepts in mere seconds, uncovering spellbinding Nielsen & Scarborough research and crunching numbers like nobody’s business.

Suzanne enjoys being on the front line making presentations with her team, because she believes in her products and relentlessly persuades clients to benefit from them.

Suzanne started her career developing health and fitness segments for Fitness Guru, Denise Austin. She studied the emergence of Independent Broadcasting in London. Suzanne holds a B.A. in Communications from Temple University.. She is a former athlete and competed as a Synchronized Swimmer. If you challenge her to a race in the pool, she WILL WIN. Suzanne has a passion for fashion, healthy eating and harbors a Diet Coke addiction.