R. Shawn McBride is a corporate business attorney, author, CPA, business strategist, and public speaker. He is the CEO and Chief Innovation Officer McBride for Business, and the managing member of The R. Shawn McBride Law Firm.

Shawn tells his audience members to go big or go home, inspiring them to set ambitious goals and adopt time-management techniques to turn dreams into reality. His practical insights give listeners skills they need to achieve maximum productivity.

Shawn has a passion for business and helping business owners build companies that stand that the test of time. Shawn believes success starts with a long-range vision and a plan to achieve it.

His keynote presentation teaches business owners to make their companies more stable and engage employees so while they help the company they also achieve their personal goals. Shawn’s audience members regularly tell him his speech gave them a new perspective on life and a renewed commitment to reaching their goals.

Shawn is the author of Business Blunders! 10 Dangerous Business Mistakesand How to Protect Your Business So It Can Thrive.