Todd got his start in media and advertising in 2002 with Clear Channel. He almost didnít follow through with that opportunity when he found out he was going to be 100% commission! Since then, Heís seized the opportunity to live all over the country and work for some of the top media brands around. Those include CBS, Cumulus and iHeartMedia.

Over the past 15 years Todd has learned a ton and used those learnings to alter and grow various businesses while educating and leading sales teams. A few of his key takeaways:

Always be learning and donít study what you know. Spend time with things you know nothing about and figure out how theyíre applicable to your business
Be the hardest and smartest working in your organization. If you do this, chances are, youíre out working your competitors too
Be coachable. A attitude is everything

Today, Todd is a partner in an early stage, digital media software company SquareOffs. Their technology works with digital content producers to help them deepen engagement and grow revenues around their content. He also is Principal of Nimble, a sales and marketing consultancy that specializes in helping companies scale their business, and build and establish their brands.