Mitch Lijewski moved to Los Angeles in 1991 after touring with local Texas bands and graduating from North Texas State University with a music degree in jazz guitar. After attending UCLA to study film scoring and orchestration he started writing music for film trailers and wrote his first successful trailer for Jim Carrey’s The Mask in 1994. After scoring 3 season’s of Clueless for Paramount television he launched his own music catalog X–Ray Dog which focused on developing a new sound for feature film advertising. Writing and producing with other composers the label took off when it coined a new epic sound of choirs mixed with tribal rock drums and sound design launched by the success of the first Lord Of The Rings trailer in 2000. Since then Mitch has gone on to produce music for XRD that has been licensed in 100s of huge Hollywood blockbuster movies including every Harry Potter, Pirates of The Caribbean and Lord Of the Rings sequel. After growing his trailer label globally through international sub-publishers, Mitch sold to BMG in 2014 and was retained to develop a new global brand, a unique full service sound agency: BMG Production Music. After nearly 3 years BMGPM has grown through production and acquisition opening offices in UK, France, Holland, Germany and China. Mitch continues to live and work in Los Angeles developing the new BMGPM global business and producing music to drive people out to theaters on opening weekend.