Ralph Renzi was born on January 6th, 1970 at Fort Leavenworth Kansas to Captain Gene Renzi and Faye Renzi. Ralph is the youngest of five children. Ralph grew up traveling and living on military bases as his father served in our US Army. Ralph’s father rose to the rank of General and served thirty three years in the Army. During Ralph’s first years of life his father served two tours in Vietnam. Upon his father’s return from his second tour of duty Ralph took his first steps.

Ralph’s three older brothers and older sister all excelled in athletics specifically football for the boys. Ralph’s father was a college All American and played professionally in Canada. All three of Ralph’s brothers received full athletic scholarships to division one colleges. Two went to Northern Arizona University and one went to the University of Minnesota. Ralph played all sports growing up and after high school received a scholarship to Northern Arizona University just like two of his older brothers. Ralph then transferred to Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and played football on the same field his father played on and his mother cheered on. (Both of Ralph’s parents graduated from Northeastern University).

Ralph majored in Mass Communications and graduated in 1992. This is where Ralph first worked in a radio and TV studio and produced shows for class. This exposure to broadcast ignited a desire that still drives Ralph to this day. Ralph was a student athlete that had to balance a life of school and sports without much time for social activities. This proved to be a great foundation for a strong work ethic.

After College Ralph graduated college in 1992 he traveled to Carrara, Italy on a school chartered co-op work opportunity. Ralph worked for C-Map Italia for three months and lived in Marina di Carrara Italy. Ralph then returned to the US and settled in Northern Virginia working for his brothers as an independent insurance agent.

Ralph was offered an opportunity to play professional football in Spain but instead chose to pursue a career in sales at WJFK in Washington DC. Ralph’s diverse experience and strong work ethic allowed him to simply work harder and smarter in this performance driven environment. Ralph quickly became a top performer at Infinity Broadcasting’s WJFK and was recruited to a higher position at Evergreen Radio’s WASH FM also in DC. Ralph rose to be the top sales person within a few years and was promoted within the same company to Local Sales Manager at (now Clearchannel’s), DC101. Ralph was then recruited again this time to lead Bonneville’s WTOP as a Local Sales Manager in 2000. After only one year Ralph was promoted within Bonneville to General Sales Manager of Z104. After three years of high sales performance Ralph was promoted to Manager of Operations and Sales of Z104. In this role Ralph lead all departments.

In 2005 Z104 was planning a format change which gave Ralph an opportunity to jump back into sales at Bonneville’s WTOP.

With a strong entrepreneurial desire Ralph moved his family to Sonoita, Arizona and stared a winery and vineyard in Arizona’s only wine appellation. Ralph enrolled in classes at The University of California at Davis. This moved proved to be too rural for Ralph’s wife Vanessa so the small new family moved back to the DC Metro.

Ralph joined the launch of Red Zebra’s Redskins Radio Network and was quickly promoted to sales manager. Ralph then was recruited again to come back home to WTOP as Local Sales Manager in 2007. Ralph was promoted to Director of Federal Sales in 2010 and serves in that role today. In this role Ralph leads WTOP’s largest revenue vertical. Ralph is also General Sales Manager of Federal News Radio. WFED has a unique niche within federal marketing and actually bills more in local direct on-line than it does on-air. WTOP has been the number one billing radio station in the country in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. Ralph was part of the sales management team that led this top ranked sales effort.

Ralph served as Vice President of Communications on the board of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, (AFCEA), Bethesda Chapter. In 2012 Ralph received the AFCEA’s Distinguished Service Award for his contributions to this non-profit organization.

Ralph graduated from the National Association of Broadcasting’s Broadcast Leadership Training program in 2013. This rigorous 10 month program prepares future leaders in the broadcast industry.

Ralph joined Cox Media Group Miami as Director of Sales in March of 2015. In November of 2017 Ralph was promoted to General Manager of CMG Miami. In this role Ralph oversees Cox Media’s 4 station cluster in Miami.

Ralph leads fundraising efforts for his former high school football program Annandale High School. He also coaches his children in soccer and basketball.

Ralph lives in South Florida, with his wife of 15 years Vanessa and their three children, Giavanna, Antonia and Roman.