Sales and Management Sessions

The Consultants Series

Back by popular demand, the Radio Show Consultants Series features many of the industry’s greatest success stories. In this non-stop, two-hour session, you’ll get “best of” tips from sales and management experts in a quick-talk format, with each expert presenting in 18 minutes or less. You’ll get strategies and ideas to grow your business, receive materials you can share with your staff and be introduced to successful consultants.

We Do Well When We Do Good

From responding to natural disasters and providing lifesaving information to charitable fundraising and cause marketing, broadcasters make an impact on their communities every day. You’ll leave this session fired up about the power of our medium and, just as importantly, with at least three ideas you can take back to your community to find sponsors and partners to do good and create revenue.

Be the Integrated Marketing Partner for Your Client

In the complex world of today’s marketing landscape, clients are starved for expertise that helps them maximize the return on their marketing investment. In this session, you will learn how to maximize the resources your company offers to help clients grow their business and how to be the resource clients and prospects clients rely on for expert advice.

Radio Works, and we Have the Data to Prove it!

Data collection is big business. Knowing how to analyze and use that information to better serve your audience and clients is key to driving ratings and revenue. In this session, you’ll learn how to use the data you’re already collecting or find new collection points to better understand your customers, your clients and their customers.

Whether your focus is on driving revenue or capturing more ears, sellers and programmers agree on one thing – working together leads to greater success. Join us for two brainstorming sessions that will leave you inspired and ready to create strategies that work for both sides of the house!

Creative Problem Solving

Develop a repeatable process to generate marketing ideas with the Creative Resources Process. In this session, you will learn step-by-step how to generate and develop cool, custom and effective marketing ideas. Strategy drives tactics. You’ll walk away with a custom idea for that client you’ve had trouble with.

Better Brainstorming and Ideas to Increase Cume, TSL and Revenue

Learn brainstorming methods so you can create the ideas you’re always asked for faster. Next, hear 30 on-air, digital and marketing ideas that each increase two of the following: cumulative audience, time spent listening and revenue.