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Sales and Marketing

Back for 2017!

The Sales Consultant Series

Back by popular demand, the Radio Show Consultants Series features many of the industry's most respected and sought-after sales consultants and trainers. In this nonstop, two-hour session, you'll get "best of" tips from sales and management experts in a quick-talk format, each presenting in 18 minutes or less. You'll get strategies and ideas to grow your business, introductions to successful consultants and receive materials you can share with your staff.

Driving Results for Car Dealers

Auto continues to be the largest ad category on radio. You'll be in the front seat as this panel of car dealers tells you what they think about, and more importantly, how they use today's complex media landscape. In addition, these dealers will tell you what they like and don't like about media reps and how to compete effectively for their massive marketing budgets.

Getting it all Done Without Losing Your Mind

Each day, you have 1,440 minutes to accomplish what you want and need to get done. Why does it seem some people get more out of a day than others? In this panel discussion, we shatter the myths of time management. You can't manage time, you can only manage in how you use your time.

Get Your Digital Marketing in Shape or Die!

How digital tools create results for clients and revenue for you. We've come a long way from selling banners and streaming. In this engaging panel discussion, you will hear from companies that have mastered the digital space to maximize revenue for clients and their stations. Whether you have in-house digital services or you are outsourcing, understanding the contemporary digital marketing world is critical to be effective for your stations' and clients.

Recruitment: Attracting and Retaining Top Sales Talent

Salespeople are the largest cost in the sales department and have the potential for the highest return. Hiring right is critical to the success of your team. A bad hire will cost money, create headaches, and slow the team down. The right hire propels you forward with effectiveness and efficiency. Where do you find your next top talent? First, you must define what you're looking for, then you must know where to look. This session will give you the answers to the questions you've been asking.

Listen Up

Today's media landscape is vast and complex – media and marketing overlap and technology has and will continue to evolve the way in which consumers engage. Advertisers and agencies today are focused on finding ways to follow, reach and engage consumer groups throughout their day. In this session you will hear from advertisers and agencies on how they are leveraging audio as part of their media mix and achieving positive results.

Building the Programmatic Business Together

A must-attend session where a panel of radio buyers and radio sellers come together and express the needs, benefits and today’s reality for programmatic/automated buying. This interactive session will offer practical conversation; best practices; specific, actionable guidance and the opportunity to fully understand why programmatic transacting is good for buyers AND sellers.

Radio Drives Search

Thanks to technology the term “window shop” means something very different today than it did 20 years ago. Consumers today hear, learn and shop for brands and products across a multitude of devices. Since radio is the medium used by consumers closest to the moment of purchase, radio can play a pivotal role in influencing the consumer’s path to purchase. This session presents the findings of a new study that proves the relationship between a brand’s radio campaign and the lift in search activity. This is a session that all radio professionals need to attend!


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