2016 Radio Show
Reach Beyond
2016 Radio Show Reach Beyond




Secrets of the World’s Greatest Entertainment Brands, Sponsored By Megatrax

September 22   •   9:30 a.m.  -  10:30 a.m.

Sponsored By Megatrax

Radio Disney. The UK’s Capital Radio. Country Music Television. iHeart Media. They’re big brand names with big footprints across the entertainment world. But on a daily basis, their job is the same as yours: creating great programming across multiple platforms; capturing the attention of a busy audience with many choices; seizing the moment. Their current and former staffers will talk about the common traits of successful, influential organizations, and their advice for creating great content on a daily basis. And how can your brand be bigger than life in a programming mindset increasingly geared to eight-minute listening spans and eight-second blasts of content?


  • Cody Alan, Host & Executive Producer, Country Music Television

  • Tony Coles, Executive Vice President of Programming, Central Division, iHeartMedia

  • Phil Guerini, Vice President, Music Strategy Disney Channels Worldwide, General Manager, Radio Disney Networks

  • Sean Ross, Author, Ross on Radio Newsletter