Radioís Quest for the Cloud: Essential Elements for Cloud Adoption

September 27   •   12:15 p.m.  -   1:00 p.m.

Bonnet Creek Innovation Stage in The Marketplace

While great progress has been made in this space to bring markets closer and closer together, the next natural evolution is centralizing all of a radio groupís content into one space. Redundancy becomes a commodity instead of a significant capital investment. In a cloud environment, there is no technical limitation to accomplishing that.

But beyond the ease and economic efficiencies, the cloud will transform how radio stations are built, maintained and operated. Hosts will be able to be anywhere, and simply sign into a web browser and broadcast their show with the same ease that they do in the studio today. This makes for some very interesting opportunities in creating content from anywhere in the world.

A great radio cloud service will not compromise features that exist today. Features that users are familiar with will need to be included but rethought as to how it streamlines for a distributed team using the cloud system. Reliability is also a key. The system has to be built to sustain failure that inevitably happens with silicon and metal, which is still at the backbone of the cloud just as it is on your on-premises systems. The advantage cloud applications have includes distributed teams to effectively work together, reducing duplication of effort and resources.

Join RCS as we delve into the stepping stones radio will take to the cloud.


Philippe Generali
Philippe Generali
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