Technology Sessions

Everything You Need to Know when Switching to a Station Automation System

As the Federal Communication Commission (FCC)'s main studio rule comes to an end, many stations and groups are thinking about upgrading or replacing their station automation software. In this session, examine everything you need to know to make the switch, starting with selecting the right software for successful implementation. You'll learn how to define your business and technical requirements, avoid hardware pitfalls, integrate audio over IP systems, coordinate with contractors and assure all of your software packages play nicely together.

Exploring FM Radio’s Evolution to an All-digital Technology

With the advent of the digital dashboard and connected cars, all-digital FM HD Radio services are being discussed as an important resource for FM radio broadcasters to utilize in future business models. HD Radio services currently support hybrid (combined analog and digital) services, but the HD Radio receivers now in use can support all-digital operation as well. This presentation talks about the opportunity and lessons learned from the all-digital FM field tests conducted by PILOT in early 2018.

Reduce Radio Distribution Costs: Leverage Your IP Networks

GatesAir and NPR demonstrate how IP codec technology has helped NPR's Distribution Services provide a reliable, cost-effective "first-mile" solution for radio distribution. This session will cover the overall network topology with special focus on the technology that allowed this solution to leverage public IP networks to transport main and HD Radio signals along with associated meta-data and triggers.

Will the Connected Car Revolutionize Radio?

By 2025, all new cars rolling off production lines will be connected to the internet, enabling never-before-conceived consumer entertainment experiences. With ubiquitous connectivity enabling powerful personalization, the radio industry has a huge opportunity to transform itself and reinforce radio's position as the most listened to format in the car. Join our panel of experts as we discuss next-generation infotainment solutions that integrate radio with online sources resulting in revolutionary in-car listening experiences. This session also explores the possibilities of advanced radio features once autonomous vehicles reach the market.

Discover How Voice AI will Boost Your Ad Revenues

Conversational computing has the potential to open up new market opportunities where listeners are empowered to engage and interact with the brands and products they are interested in. This session will examine the issues and opportunities that are rapidly emerging in the voice technology sector. This session will also examine a recently completed case study that demonstrates how voice AI can bring new catagories of advertisers to audio publishers, significantly impacting advertiser ROI and increasing CPMs for audio publishers and broadcasters.

Find Out How You Can Leverage In-Car Apps

Everyone uses apps on their smartphones, but more and more apps are for the digital dashboard as well. Some automakers have their own app spaces while others rely on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which link consumers' smartphones to the vehicle. PILOT has been exploring the possibilities of auto apps by participating in auto app hackathons and by pursing a more in-depth development approach, in part to make sure that these auto app spaces are as radio-friendly as possible. Come to this session to learn all about how apps work in the car and how broadcasters can use these apps to their advantage.