Young Professionals

These Tips Go to Eleven: Amp Up Your Presentation Skills

On-air, on sales calls or in meetings, it doesn’t matter: presentation, public speaking and communication skills are key. Discover proven tips to become a polished, rehearsed presenter and hear tricks that quell all fears of public speaking.

Everything to Everyone: Becoming a #JOAT

Long gone are the days of specializing in one specific role at a radio station. Today, from the market manager to the promotions intern, everyone wears multiple hats and take on various tasks. Hear from a panel of experts on how to become the best at doing everything no matter what department you work in. Learn how to become a jack-of-all-trades.

Enable Office Translator: Improving Your Intergenerational Communications

Workplaces today are multi-generational and as a young person eager for career growth, communicating with your superiors, often from different generations, is key. Hear from a pair of multi-generational manager/employee tandems on the best interaction styles and what they’ve learned about working with one another.